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Raj works in Toronto and lives with his friend Prem who hates him for invading his tiny apartment. After Raj's application for Canadian residency is rejected, he plots the perfect plan to attain the Citizenship within a year, he marries a stranger, Pia. And as much as she hates it, she is forced to move in with him, as his wife. They live together, they fight, they laugh and soon a strange connection develops between them manifesting into a newfound friendship. The plan seems to be working fine, but the real complications begin on a stormy day when destiny brings Linda in front of Raj, a woman who comes into his life and changes it forever. A story of love that redefines the rules of relationships beyond social barriers and takes these four characters on a journey filled with love, loss and lots of laughter.



Directed By:

Manoj Amarnani

Written By:

Manoj Amarnani, Sanjay Sankla


Comedy, Romance

Release Date:

22 August 2014 (India)




India | Canada

Shooting Location:

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Ratings : 1.8 / 5 ,Total Rated: 5

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