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As the Compliance and Outreach Manager for The Animal Discovery Institute, a non-profit animal rights organization headquartered in San Diego, Tilly Monterey finally gets a chance to lead the charge on the company's next project: an Australian penguin sanctuary in dire need of some financial assistance. Joined by her sister Gemma, Tilly journeys to The Crystal Bay Penguin Sanctuary, where she meets the local team including the wonderfully compassionate head zoologist, Fletcher Grant. As Fletcher teaches her more about the sanctuary's needs and Little Blue penguins that they house, it becomes clear to Tilly that planning a fundraising gala to bring more attention - and donations - to the sanctuary is the way to go. Given one week to complete the task, its all-hands-on deck as Tilly, Fletcher, Gemma and the team fundraise, promote, and prepare for the epic event. At first, Tilly and Fletcher have a very different approach to the cause, however, as they explore the luscious landscapes of Australia and harmonize their energy to give back, their efforts turn from jarring to motivating to ultimately pull off a successful gala. Through their time spent together - and with a little inspiration from the sanctuary's penguins - Tilly and Fletcher learn that once you open your heart and stretch your wings, you may just find the one you want to waddle through life with.





Release Date:

March 12, 2022 (Canada)




1 hour 30 minutes

Shooting Location:

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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Ratings : 0 / 5 ,Total Rated: 475

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